EKPHRASIS: Saying Goodbye to a Work of Art

The one certainty of a holiday is our having to say goodbye to it. I still remember how, as a child, I used crane my neck and look back at the Rock of Cashel as it receded, its massive grey becoming smaller and paler. Just before it faded to a dot, a sudden bend whipped it from my sight. It was the victory of reality over dream, necessity over wishful thinking.

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It’s not often that a French friend emails me about a film which, ‘I must absolutely see’.  She had just watched it at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival and wondered if I had already seen it; I hadn’t. The film was the superb directorial  debut by Yann Demange: ’71. When presented at the Berlin Film Festival in 2014, it had five nominations and won him the award for Best Director.

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