Among Books

Within these walls are books galore
far more than you can ever own or read
or even see the need that they should be.

Relax, unwind.
Books do not mind if you should pass them by

Yet sometimes, through the corner of your eye
a title speaks to you, calls out its name.

Books are not human
and they do not care
how much it takes to draw you in
how deeply you may fall
within their spell
how long you linger there.

Read on, and you may find it true
that what came from another mind
is not as strange as you believed,
and what you have believed till now
is stranger than you knew.

The books you’ll never read
are waiting still
for other eyes than yours,
but rest assured
that each book tells the truth
(as best it can)
though each book also lies.

Book speaks to book through those who read:
they contradict, expand, incite,
till you may feel the need to write
the truth
(as best you can).

That’s how books breed.



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