Dad, 1930

Wears St. Patricks Academy

school uniform.

Striped tie, pen in pocket,

wool socks, strong leather boots.

Nordic good looks,

a confident gaze.

Soon his mother

will ask him,

the eldest, to find a job.

They are hungry

and help is needed on the farm.


He must leave behind his beloved

Latin, Literature, and Mathematics.

Take to the road on his bicycle,

sell insurance.


On the mountain

he will see a girl

pumping up her bike,

fix the puncture

and fall in love with her.

Pursue her till she says yes.


He will build a house nearby.

His family will love her.

I will be the last born,

and go to St. Patricks

to be taught by his teacher,

‘Rusty’ Ryan.


They will meet one day.

‘Rusty’ will say:

Your daughter is wild, never does homework.

My father with his confident gaze will ask me:


Angela McCabe


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