Do Things a bit Different

The other day I was sitting
and I said to the wife
We are all now starting
a different life
The Chinese or a Bat
who ever’s to blame
Between you and me
it all is the same

We’ve survived it so far
be thankful for that
Stay safe, stay at home
stay six foot apart
We must now rally on
draw up a new plan
Keep a smile on your face
do the best that you can

Do things a bit different
the past it is gone
So I started today
while mowing the lawn
Cutting in circles and curves
it is a new trend
A lawn with straight lines
has come to an end

You might think that I’m crazy
and I might maybe be
Or you might think this lockdown
Is getting to me
Keep your heart up
Don’t live it in fear
Live life to the full
be thankful you’re here

Don’t go to bed
at the same borng time
Sit down, write a story
or a verse of a rhyme
Do something different
like never before
Blow the neighbour a kiss
six foot from their door

Get out of bed
give yourself a surprise
Pull up the blind
and watch the sunrise
When the phone rings, pick up
shout hip hip hurray
I’m beginning the start
of a wonderful day

Take each day like a gift
when it comes to your door
Be thankful and hopeful
That you’ll have many more

Paddy Montague is a storyteller from Drumquin. He has been writing poetry for 25 years – generally nostalgic,  comical, historical and based on nature. His first book,  Beneath the Hat, was published in 2016.


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