Fox Power!

The she-fox

Walking in the nearly full moonlight
This evening
A shooting star falls
Into my mouth

A vixen screams
across the navy blue of the

Venus slow dances with Orion
And in an instant
the world is put to right

Recently when Theresa May informed us that she would look again at the Fox Hunting Ban in England with a view to lifting it, I found this indicative of the entire Tory project: the cruelty involved in tearing apart a beautiful innocent defenceless wild animal, a beautiful wild creature which speaks of wildness and wilderness – is symbolic of the cold-heartedness and callousness at the core of Toryism, and Theresa Mayism. This painting I hope conveys some of that wildness and wilderness and fighting spirit too which is so essential for us to maintain our wholeness and sanity in this increasingly mad Alt-Right world. This fox will not give in easily. He and or She will be a force to be reckoned with!

The accompanying poem says it all for me.

Kathy May


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