Frank’s Letter

(with interjections by Cathy Donnell as Resa and John Monaghan as Frank)

My dear Cousin Resa

Frank: What side of the bush did yon rose spring from?

Just a p.c. to acknowledge your welcome letter received some weeks ago.

Resa: Feels like a lifetime.

I would have written a few lines before this if I had not been expecting to go on leave any time

Resa: Heaven forfend

but it seems now that leave has been put back for a few weeks, on account of things being a bit unsettled.

Frank: Bloody Fritz and this bloody war!

I am having a tip-top time

Frank: as Colonel ‘Stupid’ Platt says

out here

Resa: Wherever ‘here’ is

at present & am not too keen about getting leave. This is a home away from home.

Resa: What’s wrong? Is James..?
Frank:  Lying to her is getting so hard.

I will now conclude.

Both: Phew-ee.

I hope you are well. Very best wishes from
Your affect. Cousin Frank Cost.(Costelloe)

Resa’s reply

(Written by Cathy Donnell with asides by John James and John Monaghan)

Dear James,
Received Frank’s letter last week. It would seem that you’re both having a jolly time.

Frank:  If only..
James:  I wish..

It will soon be Christmas and I’m so sad to hear that you’ll probably not be home.
We are all well. Your Uncle John calls most days. He’s aged a lot since you left. October was wet and cold. The spuds proved a good yield this year again, thank God, but with only myself here the work was hard and in the end I had to ask for Martha’s help.

James:  Her sister
Frank:  Shortage of fit men these days

James, you know how I hated you joining the British Army but I’m starting to understand your reasoning.

James:  At last

Redmond might succeed. Please God he will. Mrs Corey got bad news about Pat.

James:  Poor Pat

The poor craither is walking the roads weeping and lamenting. There’s talk she’ll be taken to the mental.

James: God help Mrs Corey

James please mind yourself and look out for Frank, you know how reckless he can be. The fox took two chickens

Frank (to James) I told you fix that henhouse on your last leave

but I’ve fixed the henhouse so that not even ould Nick himself could get in.
I’m sending you socks and an Aran jumper.

James:  good, we’ll need the warmth for the winter.

Come back safe James. I’ll be needing you.

James:  I wonder why she said that?
Resa:  I’m pregnant

Love from your wife Resa

James’s letter to Resa

(written by John James and John Monaghan)

My dear Resa

Frank is writing this for me. I hope when you get this everything is well with you and the family. Is your Mam still there in the cottage?

Resa:  She went home last week

I am pleased the potato crop turned out so good. Pity you didn’t have more help from the village.

Resa:  I couldn’t ask Uncle Dan, he’s so thin these days and you know the neighbours haven’t spoken to me after the rebellion in Dublin

Things have settled a bit since Frank wrote to you. I am hopeful for leave soon. I’d love to have Christmas at home.

Frank wants this business over with now.

Your loving husband James


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