How Could You Leave Me?

In that instant it was over,
we were torn apart.
You were gone from my life,
a knife through my heart.

I could not believe it,
it was such a shock.
You were my world,
my love, my rock.

Though blackbirds still sing,
I do not hear their song.
No more your sweet voice,
as I trudge wearily along.

Stricken with grief,
tears spilt and cheeks dried.
Too tired to sleep now,
Oh how I cried.


How could you leave me?
I trusted you so,
with our future together,
now where shall I go?

It’s too painful to see you,
I cannot stay here.
You have betrayed me,
that much is now clear.

So I’m leaving for Dublin,
and there I’ll enlist.
For when I’m gone,
I won’t be missed.


Francis Ledwidge fell in love with Ellie Vaughey who later jilted him for John O’Neill. The sight of the two together out and about his beloved Slane, hurt Frank deeply and was a constant reminder of his grief. The chance to escape this torment may have cemented his decision to enlist, with the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers in Dublin, on 24th Oct 1914.


Brendan Kelly


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