In Our Hands

Trust? Naïve.
Empty promises.
Plans abandoned.
Cynical nods.
Insults hurled.
Separate paths.
Defiant stance.
Wounds scratched.
Hand of friendship bitten.

Trembling fingers.
Hands shaken.
Hurts acknowledged.
Apologies exchanged.
Modest aims.
Promises kept.
Plans delivered.
Offence not taken.
Hopes revived.

Trust? Building.
Brick by reciprocal brick.
Lasting peace? Possible.

Lorna Flanagan was born in Portadown, grew up in Enniskillen, and is now living in County Armagh again. Some of her flash fiction pieces have appeared in North Star and The Bramley. An article she wrote in Esperanto about Northern Ireland was published last year in Esperanto Magazine, which is distributed worldwide.  She is now working on a novel that’s ‘a bit wacky, but fun to write.’


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