Rain Lough Sea

(after Jeremy Henderson)

Layer on layer upon layer of lustrous paint
Creating striations of wondrous colours:
Indigo, red, green, yellow and Klein Blue
Intertwining with one another so playfully
On the vast virtual loom of the canvas.
The warp and weft of the silken oils create
A virile landscape of verisimilar aquatics
Following the serpentine course of the Lough.

As the viewer reads the canvas from the left
A fisherman perhaps – or the artist himself
Is reflected scarlet in swirling blue miasma
Capturing a fixed point in uncertain fluid state
A figurative gnomon standing beside the water.
The painting narrates the story of the figure;
Of their lonely vigil observing the febrile flow
For as long as there are seeing eyes to grace art.

John Llewellyn James


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