Seasons of Seeds

Seeds strewn on eager soil
seem to die into dust
dissipate into air
over the meadows.

Seeds burst open
creeping green stems
stretch advancing out
covering the ground.

Time passes:
stems form stalks,
they sway in the breeze,
rainfall, and sunshine.

Time passes:
countless colours,
emerge as green carpet
covering the meadows.

Buds burst into flower,
grounded in roots,
fragile yet firm holding
they dance in the wind.

Meadow mown hay
In verdant swathes
lie in snaking wispy lines
new seeds will germinate
harboured until Spring.

Tony Brady

Late April-early May: for green-winged orchids (pictured) and cowslips

Late May-mid June: for meadow buttercups, yellow rattle, red clover, sorrel and oxeye daisy

Late June & early July: for greater burnet, pepper saxifrage, wood cranesbill, bird’s-foot trefoil, dropwort and many other species

2nd – 3rd week July: for the “purple” phase of common knapweed, also ladies bedstraw and meadowsweet, sneezewort and devil’s-bit scabious


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