The Road to Damascus

On the Road to Damascus, the debut novel by Anthony Viney, former member of Fermanagh Writers, sees its official launch in Enniskillen this April. It will be available in print and as an ebook on Amazon and Kindle.

The story revolves around two men. One, a failed writer from London looking for excitement through conflict tourism; the other, a former librarian from Damascus with a hidden agenda. Together they embark upon a journey through Syria as the Arab Spring and civil war take hold. Travelling a surreal landscape, where the threat of murder and mayhem lies around every corner, they seek distraction through storytelling. Tales that force them to confront harsh truths. A modern-day Arabian Nights, brought to life under burning Syrian skies.

Part thriller and part autobiography, On the Road to Damascus is inspired by the author’s real-life journey through Syria, as an independent traveller in 2011.


One thought on “The Road to Damascus”

  1. Jenny – CONGRATULATIONS! on a brilliant eclectic menu of diverse creativity embracing Art. Poetry. Prose. Literature. I particularly enjoyed your – What May Be – and your poem: Small Beginnings.
    So good to read contributions from writers and poets – not by circumstances – based in Co. Fermanagh. They are always welcome.
    I especially wish to be about for the launch of Tony Viney’s book: The Road to Damascus

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