The Silo Gallery

(inspired by Jeremy Henderson’s I ran down the Hill of History)

I stood mesmerized by one painting
It’s a landscape of hills and valleys, water and sky
that took me way back
to the Broadhaven Bay I knew.
There was something else that drew me in;
I stepped nearer to see what it might be.

Closer up the image blurred,
a kaleidoscope of paint
carefully applied
but apparently random.
When I stood back and then further back
the image cleared, my focus sharpened.

The artist wants me to stand back
if you want to clearly understand history and events,
you must stand well back
for the clearer sharper view.

Patricia’s passion and commitment
to her late husband’s work came through
in every word, every gesture, and every
piece of information she imparted.
We imbibed all this and looked at
the exhibition with renewed appreciation.
Thank you, Patricia.

John Monaghan


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