Untitled by Amanda May, 07.06.2020
(read at my sister Kathy’s funeral)

There were two highlights of the day throughout those weeks of the CV19 lock down.
One was a walk in the Wild Wood with the three dogs: Sula, Kathy’s 12yr old Alsatian; Mum’s wee Jasper, a 10 year old miniature Jack Russell now in my care; and my Kai, a Dalmatian/Collie cross aged 2 ½ years with boundless energy and so swift.
Kathy and Sula would take it slowly; Jasper and Kai might be off the lead and running free, Kai’s freedom run a delight to see.
Everybody, dogs and humans both, happy under the speckled green light and the strong, bright sun flooding in where there is a break in the tree cover. Dappling light on rippled water and the little river singing its song.
Happy Time

The second highlight of the days when I managed to call in at my house, into the back garden for a tete a tete with Kate and sometimes her daughter Rhiannon. Coffee in the sunshine, sharing songs and singing along, sometimes our own words sung.
Her son, Caiman’s choice sent to his Mum from his sickbed:
“Bacach Shiol Andai”
In English, “The Lament of the  Hare”
Kathy’s theme tune and the song of the moment: “Love and Hate” by Michael Kiwanuka.

I miss my sister Kathy.
My heart aches.
My soul weeps
My intellect struggles
I miss my sister


the cottage
All apple trees cut
bar two young saplings
& logs made
Stacked reproachfully
against the out-house
that would act as garage
or keeper of things.
Anything that didn’t
mind weather
but needed to keep dry.
Bicycles in there
Now all open
to wind and rain
at the far corner seen
best from the back
And a weird moat
around the loft shed.
Everything marred
If I’d wanted to enter

there was the side window
of the lounge
space enough for me
to manoeuvre
access granted
but declined.

No wonder
the strange train
of events
that led

Amanda May


2 thoughts on “Untitled”

  1. Amanda, such heartfelt, beautiful words. When mum was in hospital during the summer of 2019, Kathy and I met regularly. We visited each other’s mums. Conversations with Kathy lightened my heart. She was a beautiful person. Xx

  2. I am proud to have spent those hours in sunshine drinking tea& coffee with the Sisters May, a Virginia Creeper our only boundary, words flowing free during Lockdown the first. It is time I will never forget xx

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