Waiting for the Cavalry

She cradles you in breathless prayer as
You rage inside a godless place.
“There now, my baby.”
She ladles love
Across your old man’s face.

Hearts failed to see you
Hoist yourself
Up on this obscene cross,

As you strummed your way through
Loveless nights in a
Beer-stained universe.

Pluck and pick at old regrets,
Strung out on a tune,
Try unfurl a curled up world

So you might glimpse the moon
That sailed across a children’s sky
When God and you were both alive and

The cavalry always arrived on time
In a field your fearless hands had filled with
kites and
strings and
wheels and

Now a mother’s wrung out eyes won’t cry
As they fold cold hands away.
Immortal cowboys that we once were
Have sunsetted with you today.
With grazed hearts
On a broken hill
We’re all waiting on the cavalry

Mary Mc Elroy


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