Wraparound Cardigan

Unhook it in the hall,
ease the front door closed and breathe.

Raise my arms and I am winged.
Right tip – left shoulder,

pin it fast; then the other.
Deep folds drape to my navel.

First a cowl. Now a portal.
You gush in with hungry suckle.

Forty breast white swallows
dive into a navy sea.

Smell of spilt milk, sob crusts,
crumbs caught from our daily bread;

and now a fevered sick-bed,
a map of misfired medicine.

Wool-fuzz from endless wear
haloes your wispy hair.

In our space pod, we float.
Through the porthole, earth tumbles

as we slow for the next hummed hymn.

Fionnuala Kearney was the winner of the 2022 Western Health and Social Care Trust Creative Writing Poetry Prize. Her work has been published in A New Ulster. In her poetry, she explores themes of relationships, childhood, parenthood and memory. Originally from Omagh, Fionnuala now lives in Derry with her husband, daughter and brother-in-law, where she works for the NHS


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