BOXOPERA manifests the claustrophobia of the pandemic through the writings and paintings of local people; a time of being corralled into small spaces where only imagination and creativity offered entry into wider vistas. Within these small spaces the operas of real life unfolded. The name of the installation was inspired by Benedict Kiely’s book Proxopera, set amidst the Troubles, in which the main character himself is in a situation which is antithetical to all he believes in. Continue reading “Boxopera”

Rainy Day Books

The old people used to talk of the Big Snow of 1947 when the snow fell in February and lay until June, burying houses and bringing everything to a complete stand-still. In 2020 we could see Covid coming like a great storm bringing a silence like a snowfall, confining us to the house, safe in the knowledge that no one would expect us to go anywhere or do anything. Continue reading “Rainy Day Books”