Corncrake and the Library

What memories do you have of your experiences at the library? Maybe you remember the first time you visited a library, or you may have another memorable library or reading experience to share. How do libraries make you feel? Which books are some of your favourites?

The next issue of Corncrake will be in conjunction with an exhibition on this theme to be held in Enniskillen Library during September.

We invite you to submit your writing to: by 1st September.

Each person may submit up to two pieces of writing. The writing may be in any writing form or genre (poetry, fiction, memoir etc), and must not be more than one A4 page, unless the writer agrees it with the editor. Depending on the font size you use, that is approximately 500 words or less. Writers can choose the font and font size they wish to use, providing it will fit on an A4 page. Each piece of writing will be enlarged and printed on an A3 page in poster.

Or, if you want to submit solely to Corncrake, please do so to, also by 1st September.

Fermanagh Writers continue to meet weekly in Blakes of the Hollow each Tuesday evening at 7.30.

What Yet May Be

When Michael Faraday was demonstrating the newly-discovered effects of electromagnetic induction, one of his audience voiced his concerns. This business of magnets and copper wire was interesting, certainly, but what possible practical use could it have?
‘Sir,’ Faraday replied, ‘of what use is a new-born baby?’ Continue reading “What Yet May Be”

Wedding Present

I felt my tooth chip. Another piece of porcelain
breaks loose as the dinner plate bounces on the bottom of
the fake jawbox. This single remaining plate, a history
of chips hidden underneath its rim, splattered with
cropped leeks and spotted with burst barley from a
broth. Thirteen moves, two jaw-boxes, twelve
dishwashers and three children, the azure blue
forget-me-not and cherry red honeysuckle now faded
into a late winter. Continue reading “Wedding Present”