Western Stars by Bruce Springsteen

A new album from the Boss is always an event, but this is something a bit special. Western Stars sees him channelling Glen Campbell and Burt Bacharach among others in a widescreen homage to Westerns. It’s Bruce taking a bold new direction down well-travelled roads. Rumours that Bruce has been through writer’s block give writers everywhere a boost when the results are an album of easy-listening gold. Continue reading “Western Stars by Bruce Springsteen”


Now and then a band appears which seems to defy any definition by genre. On Friday 26th May I was lucky enough to catch the second set of one such band, the Belfast five woman outfit Wookalily in the Gallery Bar of the Ardhowen Theatre. (For those curious about their name, the urban dictionary refers to “wooka” as meaning “very sexy woman”, and “Lily” coincidentally was the name of several band members’ grannies!) Continue reading “Wookalily”

A Colourful Debut

2016 may have been a tough year for music, but that certainly wasn’t the case for emerging Fermanagh band Anto & the Echoes. After only a few short months of forming and honing their sound, they took on their debut gig in July. Punters were turned away from Charlie’s bar as the crowd reached maximum capacity early in the night. A series of well-received gigs around Northern Ireland followed, and the band returned to Charlie’s to close the year with another sell-out show.

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Free Your Voice! Free Your Writing!

Valerie Whitworth writes:

 Together One Voice are starting the New Year with a challenge to free your natural voice and increase your singing skills!

This term we will be focusing on releasing the voice,  vocal development, singing skills, confidence building with some small group work on pitch,  and harmony work.  Many people come to my classes with stories of how they were told not to sing by a parent or teacher, or not allowed to join the choir.
The truth is – if you can speak you can sing.

The Vanburgh Quartet

The Vanbrugh Quartet (Gregory Ellis, Keith Pascoe, violins; Simon Aspell, viola; Christopher Marwood, cello) has enjoyed a successful international career throughout Europe, the Americas and the Far East. Based in Cork since 1986, it has brought string quartet music to audiences throughout Ireland and has given more than one thousand concerts in venues ranging from small country schools to the major city halls.

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