Last week was a busy one for Fermanagh Writers. We had no sooner performed at Erneside Shopping Centre, reading our poetry as part of All Ireland Poetry Day, then we were in the spotlight again.

Tony Viney

On Saturday, 6th October we hosted an afternoon of readings at Enniskillen Library as part of FLive. During the Fermanagh Arts Festival’s mini-fest a couple years ago we hosted an Open Mic afternoon but this is the first time we have participated in the main festival. We were delighted by the response of the audience and the festival organisers to our writings.

We had an attentive audience in the library foyer and we also piqued the interest of everyone who slipped past us into the library. Before the end of the afternoon all the seats were filled and people were standing at the back listening to us.

Marie Connor

Marie Connor, one of our committee members, gave her last reading with our group before she and her husband move to warmer climes in the south of England. She enchanted the audience with a gentle tale reminiscent of the stories she writes for Ireland’s Own and The People’s Friend.

Gordon Williams gave a very animated reading. Books flew across the table and around the room as he shared his thoughts about some of the tomes in his personal collection.

The short stories and poems were funny, poignant, exciting and nostalgic. Readings by

Catherine Vallely

our members are always a diverse affair. Pete Byrne took a humorous look at the complexities of Northern Irish society from an alien’s point of view, Tony Viney looked at modern life from a World War II veteran’s perspective and Dianne Trimble stepped into the realms of Mills & Boon fiction. The listener never knew what was coming next. But when we looked out at the faces in the audience it seemed that they were enjoying it.

Fermanagh Writers would like to thank Flive for inviting us to participate in the festival.

Gordon Williams