Fermanagh Writers Chairperson’s thanks to Carlo Gebler: 
At this moment and the end of the final evening, on behalf of all and myself, who attended the fully subscribed 6 Prose and Poetry critique sessions led by you Carlo, unprompted by a prepared speech I would like to say:  Thank You. They were stimulating, provocative, insightful, creatively tense, intellectually stretching and educational. The width and depth of your wide reading  provided references to  numerous authors across an eclectic range of literature. You mentioned the word lacuna – a gap – to us and you had the good grace and humility to indicate that the works of  a singular Russian author is a lacuna in your reading. Aware of this, I researched and conflated a biography/bibliography of  – Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky (1821- 81) – and sent this to you.  In so doing, this prevented me presenting you with one of his books – on behalf of Fermanagh Writers – that you might not have deliberately chosen yourself.  I express our sincere thanks and appreciation on behalf of everyone who attended the classes.
                                                                             Tony Brady,
                                                                             Chair, Fermanagh Writers