Congratulations to our member Catherine Vallely who has released her first book, a novella and short story collection, The Twists and Turns of Time.

Readers can find it on Amazon.

Our Chair, Tony Brady, has reviewed the book: 

twists time“This is near perfect: an Irish – Spanish cornocupia. Imaginative, passionate, erotic, historic and brimming with value. The narrrator comes across as endowed with worldy experience, human insight and believable aspects of naivety. Sound historical research seeds this compelling book. The complete product commands with clear precise characterization; crisp depiction of location and a lucid flowing uncontrived narrative. The dream sequences are vividly described and the horror scenes controlled and credible. Caitlin is a well drawn character. She is of a type: who the author depicts with just the right emphasis, while leaving her readers to make conclusive judgement as to her total personna. The notion of her story being based in a search for an inherited family defect and how it originated, is very up to to the minute and chimes with the huge current obsession of tracking family lineage.”

We are delighted for Catherine and wish her much success with her book.