Heaney coverFermanagh Writers have produced a booklet of tributes in poetry and prose in honour of the late poet.   John D. Kelly – one of the group’s prize winning poets and a contributor – will present it to the family to mark the first anniversary on 30th August of the poet’s passing.  John’s co-contributors are Dermot Maguire, Teresa Kane, John Llewellyn James, Angela McCabe, Rosemary Bland, Antoinette Rock, Catherine Vallely, Ken Ramsey, Tony Brady, Anthony Viney, Dianne Ascroft, Peter Byrne and Katharine May.

In the closing words of the Introduction to the book Fermanagh Writers say:  “They wish to offer a tribute to Mr Heaney by presenting his family with this modest collection of poetry and prose in memory of his life and work.  It is presented with our condolences, admiration, respect and affection.”