Tony Brady has recently released his unpublished manuscript, Near and Dear To Someone, on Wattpad. Currently the book is only available on this platform. Below is Tony’s description of the book:

Tony Brady
Tony Brady

“A sixteen years old Gloucestershire farm worker, happy in his work of caring for a herd of 500 pigs, learning about the shameful secret of his origins, is advised to work for others “greater deprived than himself.” While in Lourdes, Pyrenees, France, he meets Raoul Lievens, a Jesuit priest who becomes a mentor. With his encouragement, the young man sacrifices  his job and friends and moves to Belgium.

He works initially as a cleaner in a Sanatorium caring for patients with pulmonary tuberculosis and learns to speak French and Flemish. He is taught basic laboratory skills and is accepted to study tropical medicine in Antwerp. He qualifies as a clinical technical assistant but is refused entry to the former Belgian Congo. He returns to England and spends the next ten years nursing in London hospitals and ultimately a world famous hospice. The thirst for knowledge, search for love, applied practical pity and compassion employed in mitigating the suffering and misfortunes of others, defines the author until he is thirty.

This is the fourth book in a series called – Scenes from an Examined Life – it is dedicated to my late lifelong friend Raoul Lievens. The first book in the series, made it to first place on publisher Harper Collins open site:”

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