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Bob Baird

Our Chair, Tony Brady, recounts our celebration of St Patrick’s Day:

Responding to an invitation from the voluntary and dedicated Project St.Patrick Committee, which is supported by the residents and businesses of Fermanagh, with assistance from Fermanagh District Council and Waterways Ireland, Fermanagh Writers stepped up to the plate in Blakes and delivered a programme in celebration of St Patrick’s Day that was advertised to 2000 households.

Natasha Martin
Natasha Martin

Ken Ramsey, Jenny Brien, John L. James, Tony Viney, John Monaghan, Simon Campbell, Natasha Martin, Kitty O’Shea, Dianne Trimble, Bob Baird, Tony Brady and members of the public honoured, reverenced, alluded to, satirised, parodied, applauded  and commemorated  St. Patrick  in a variety of prose and poetry contributions on this special evening organised by our Vice-chair, John Monaghan.

Ken Ramsey was Master of Ceremonies: his pithy connective introductions ensured a continuous interest and participation of what resulted in an entertaining, all round presentation for everyone concerned, encores included.

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