Fermanagh Writers can be justly pleased and satisfied with the poetry recital they hosted on 28th July, their part in the rollout of the Funeral Services Northern Ireland Poetry competition, organised and presented in the Collage Collective premises, Enniskillen before an appreciative audience. Every seat was filled and several audience members stood at the back of the room. We were pleased to welcome representatives of FSNI and appreciate the work they did to promote and organise the event.

John Monaghan, Fermanagh Writers’ Vice Chair, coordinated an eclectic fare of poetry readings, comprising the themes of humour, love, joy, angst and human connection. Given that the theme of the 2015 competition is Light, aspects of the phenomenon in nature and human experience, contrasted with Darkness, were explored and presented in a variety of ways, conveying insights that our poets expressed from their range of personal experience. The final competition judging and Award ceremony will take place at the Stormont Northern Assembly building in late September 2015.

Following the readings, the audience joined the participants in taking refreshment provided by the promoters. Their unobtrusive professional photographer recorded the evening’s proceedings, from the introductory welcome by FWs Chair, Tony Brady, to the concluding group photograph gathering together all concerned in staging the event.

Thank you to poets: John Monaghan, John L. James, Kitty O’Shea, Bob Baird, Jenny Brien, Ruth Leonard-Cramond, Pauric Dolan (including his music accompaniment), Dermot Maguire and Natasha Martin.

Thank you also to Helen Daniel, Dianne Trimble, Thomas McGovern and Anna James (a previous winner of this Competition), for attending in support of their fellow Fermanagh Writers.

Funeral Services recital
Impartial Reporter coverage of FSNI poetry contest official launch