Ally-Final-KindleCongratulations to our secretary, Dianne Trimble, on the release of The Shadow Ally, the first Short Read in her The Yankee Years series. The series will be a mixture of Short Reads and novels set in Second World War Fermanagh. She has also released the third Short Read in the series, Keeping Her Pledge, and the second book will be released early in the new year. Each book is an individual story so Book 3 can be read before the forthcoming Book 2. She is writing the series under her maiden name, Dianne Ascroft.

The Shadow Ally: In June 1941 America is not yet at war but the country is preparing for it – this includes secretly building a flying boat base in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. When Fermanagh girl Ruth Corey finds a letter her journalist boyfriend, Harry Coalter, has written, discussing details of the airbase’s construction, she fears he plans to disclose information that will destroy America’s neutrality and land him in serious trouble. Ruth enlists the help of a guest at her family’s hotel, attractive American civilian contractor Frank Long, to help her stop Harry. Can Ruth safeguard this military secret and protect her beau? Or must she make a difficult choice?