During the coming week we’d like to introduce you to the women who are part of Women Aloud Fermanagh on 8th March in Blakes of the Hollow, Enniskillen. Today we’ll meet Kate O’Shea, Jenny Brien and Diane Jardel.

WA Kate O'Shea

Kate O’Shea: She writes a wide range of poetry, for both page and stage, from snap shots and observations right through to strong conversation starters on issues such as mental health, illness and general life challenges.


WA Jenny Brien

Jenny Brien: She is a woman of transgender experience.

Her poems and short stories look for unexpected grace in strange and neglected places. Sometimes they find it.


WA Diane Jardel

Diane Jardel: She is a published poet finding inspiration in the nature world around her in Enniskillen. She been working as a poet/facilitator visiting rural schools during the past four years.