Aloud small group
L-R: Teresa Kane, Jenny Brien, Trish Bennett, May Morris

On Tuesday evening Fermanagh Writers celebrated International Women’s Day as part of Women Aloud NI. The province wide voluntary organisation, Women Aloud NI, was formed a few months ago to highlight the work of women writers in Northern Ireland. During their first year they set out to stage one event where women’s writing would be heard in each county in the province on International Women’s Day. They succeeded and surpassed their original goal. There were 15 events in the province as well as one in Scotland and another in Spain. They were held in libraries, bookshops, cultural centres, a museum and a theatre – and ours was possibly the most unique, in a wonderful room at the top of one of the oldest pubs in Enniskillen, Blakes of the Hollow.

The twelve women who shared their stories and poems were Aloud crowdamazing: dramatic, funny, touching, wistful, flamboyant and more. They didn’t just read their work, they performed it and kept the audience spellbound the whole evening.

The room where we held the event added to the atmosphere of the evening. It’s small stage with a reflective glass backdrop were the perfect setting for our performances and the mixture of booths, and tables and chairs gave the room a relaxed, comfortable feel. It was a great performance space.

As well as sharing our writing, we also wanted to contribute to a

Kate O'Shea
Kate O’Shea

worthwhile cause so the admission fee we charged will be donated to Fermanagh Women’s Aid. We were delighted that Blathnaid McKinney, the Chair for the organisation was able to join us for the evening. Afterwards she said that she had enjoyed the performances, especially the quirky ones. Our treasurer is still toting up the amount we raised – we’ll have that information soon.

All in all Women Aloud Fermanagh was a great evening.

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