Our Chair, John Monaghan reflects on Colm Keegan’s workshop with the group last Saturday:

Colm Keegan
Colm Keegan

Colm Keegan has an enthusiasm for poetry so strong that his energy just pulls you along effortlessly on the creative journey. He started the day by asking each participant to name one favourite word and then he passed a well-worn laminated card to each of us with some inspirational lines from well-known people. Our Corncrake magazine editor has got permission from Colm to reproduce the card in the first issue.

Keegan 5He then suggested that for the day we should focus on things that:

make us Angry: make us Love:  or on Precious Moments in order to produce a poem.

He got each of us to speak about one thing that makes us angry. There was a fair amount of anger released and general discussion before we had a break for lunch.

Keegan 3Afterwards he got us to spend about twenty minutes writing a poem with a view to performing it before the group.

He gave us lots of tips on how to perform effectively on stage. Among those were:  ‘be your favourite version of yourself on stage,’ to ‘own your poem,’ ‘don’t be contrived,’ and ‘silence is a friend, use it,’ and ‘above all, make eye contact with the audience.’

Keegan 4He gave lots more advice and then we all performed our poems to the group. He asked us to email the poems to him when we have them typed up.

The day fizzed with energy so dynamic that it created its own Synergy (the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts).

I’m sure that everyone who was there went away with the enthusiasm to create some new work.

Keegan 2

Keegan 1