FullSizeRender (2)Members of Fermanagh Writers met on Saturday 23rd of April to celebrate the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare. Taking place in Blakes of the Hollow’s room no.6 we recited some of our favourite quotes and some of the more memorable soliloquies over a quiet drink.

It was a great opportunity to share and discuss opinions, theories and ideas on the bard himself. Topics on offer included the legitimacy of his identity and authorship, the fact that it has been disputed by many whether the works attributes to Shakespeare were actually written by him.

Bob Baird reading Shakespeare inspired poetry.

questions were then raised concerning how he attained the wealth of knowledge that went into said works if indeed the authorship was truly his, with discussion about life in those times and the position of one close to court.

We then discussed the effect of his works on the theatre and its effect on them in turn. A notable example being the common expectation of a balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet where indeed there was no balcony, inspired by the interpretations of theatre productions.

FullSizeRenderOther topics included the facts (and fiction) of the historical reality behind his works, the politics of his time,the language of Shakespeare and the use of iambic pentameter and his relationship to royalty and connections to alchemy and secret societies.

We were then treated to performances of original works of poetry and prose inspired by Shakespeare, all in all it was an entertaining and informative way to pass the afternoon.