On Saturday Fermanagh Writers hosted the Getting Published workshop, taught by Susan and Paul Feldstein who run the Feldstein Literary Agency. In the workshop they covered everything from what to include in a synopsis and covering letter to send to an agent or publisher, to what happens during the period between getting an agent and signing a publishing contract, to things to consider if you decide to self-publish. There was lots of very valuable information crammed into a day that passed too quickly. Susan and Paul presented the material in an informal but very knowledgeable manner.

Susan and Paul Feldstein
Susan and Paul Feldstein

Workshop participants travelled from as far away as Downpatrick and Lisburn and towns and villages dotted around Counties Cavan, Leitrim and Fermanagh. Everyone was full of questions which the workshop leaders ably answered. There was a buzz of chatter as participants left at the end of the day, still discussing what they had learned.

Tony Brady, FW Chair emailed these comments to the Feldsteins after the workshop: “Thank you for your most stimulating, educative and motivating Presentation today at Fermanagh House in Enniskillen…My initial soundings over lunchtime [of workshop participants] were of positive appreciation of you both and definite value obtained from subscribing to the event.”

John James, another FW member said: “Before the workshop I was somewhat lost in terms of getting my work published, I thought I knew what I was doing – but I guess I really did not.  They really put us all in the picture and I feel I can now go forward with my plans with greater insight, competence and confidence. In sum, the workshop was invaluable for anyone considering getting their work published in whatever way they choose.”

Lorna Milligan, a workshop participant said: “It was a very enjoyable day – Paul and Susan were great hosts – informative, encouraging and their dynamics as a couple – a joy to behold! The Enniskillen group sure sounds like it is an encouraging place to bring work – and all members I met seem to have a bright flame of inspiration, the stories around the table sounded wonderful.” 

Feldstein 1