Just published, is the Fermanagh Miscellany 2015: an eclectic range of short stories, articles of local interest and papers covering historical perspectives.  The production showcases the recent work of members of the Fermanagh Authors Association and is the ninth in an annual series.  Many of the authors are published writers in various outlets: magazines, journals and academic periodicals.

FM 2015 low resAmong the contributions, the names of several members of our own accomplished Fermanagh Writers appear: Dianne Trimble, Dermot Maguire and Tony Brady. Dianne in her piece – Our Last Hope – presents a story based on the Coonian Ghost case of local legend. Dermot shows his flair for bringing history to life in his – Fermanagh 1915 – and  picturesque study of – Monica-Beresford/Wichfeld – not a name easily associated with perfume, but Monica 55 was an eponymous fragrance of the time. A whiff of what it’s like to be held in Fermanagh and Tyrone police stations is revealed by Tony’s – socio documentary – In and Out of the Police Cells –  complete with his mug shot seen through a cell peep-hole.

The attractive book is amply provided with photographs throughout and retails with a penny change from a fiver.  Great value.