Tony Brady reports on our Scriptwriting Workshop with Tim Loane:

Following Carlo Gebler’s classes in our Arts Council of Northern Ireland funded series of engaging eminent lecturers, Fermanagh Writers welcomed Tim Loane in Fermanagh House on Saturday, 15th November, to conduct a half day workshop on creative radio, film and television scriptwriting. The event was fully booked in advance.

John Monaghan presents gift to Tim Loane (right)
John Monaghan presents gift to Tim Loane (right)

Tim’s attractive style of approach to group interactive dynamic participation was soon in evidence.  Participants were paired off and set various tasks to help them explore the essence of good storytelling in scriptwriting. Soon, with his guidance, everyone was writing short scenarios.

Feedback we have received from participants clearly shows that they enjoyed Tim’s teaching methods and found the material easily applicable to their own writing. Participants were very enthusiastic in their praise of the workshop.

At the conclusion of the afternoon our Vice-Chair, John Monagan, thanked Tim and made a presentation to him of Fermanagh Writers’ Seamus Heaney Tribute Booklet.

I came away reluctantly, but sure of the workshop being of continuing great value and a true learning experience. Tim Loane’s workshop is in the master class catagory. On behalf of Fermanagh Writers, I thank him for the generous sharing of his skills and commend him to writers’ groups everywhere.