Wedding Present

I felt my tooth chip. Another piece of porcelain
breaks loose as the dinner plate bounces on the bottom of
the fake jawbox. This single remaining plate, a history
of chips hidden underneath its rim, splattered with
cropped leeks and spotted with burst barley from a
broth. Thirteen moves, two jaw-boxes, twelve
dishwashers and three children, the azure blue
forget-me-not and cherry red honeysuckle now faded
into a late winter. (more…)


Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience

The Carlisle Memorial Church, Belfast, is an overlooked victim of the conflict here in the North, situated as it is in an ‘interface’ area where the strident voices of the Catholic Church and the Presbyterian Chapel drowned out the often gentler tones of Wesleyan Methodism. Closed in 1982, it fell into disrepair, so much so there was talk of it being replaced by social housing. (more…)


Grannying for Beginners


“No sausages.”


“No noodles.”

Azure eyes widen, bottom lip juts. “Nanny Nina has noodles AND sausages.”

I see her dad Jason at three – same eyes; no pink dress, just a red and blue Spiderman costume. I washed it so often the threads became web-like. Should’ve stocked up… why have I forgotten everything?