Submissions Call for Spring Issue

The theme of this Spring’s Corncrake is Touching Grass: Real Life in a Virtual World. Increasingly we are seeing the rise of ‘content’ – words and images produced by programs, for markets defined by programs, to be summarised and digested by programs, and used as training data for yet more programs. The snake eats its tail, accepting the prejudices it is fed and accentuating them into meaninglessness.

Corncrake still does things the poor, slow, old-fashioned way. We are looking  up to about 800 words of any kind of writing – whether it be poetry, flash fiction, folktale, legend, memoir, philosophy or other non-fiction. Previews and reviews of recent and upcoming Arts events are also welcome, particularly those in Fermanagh and the surrounding area, as are images and links to relevant media.

Submissions to

Deadline: 26th March

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